APP 661
Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 200 mm
Manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod
Barrel Lenght 115 mm Type CO2 
Sight Radius 160 mm Manufactured Pieces approx. 23 000
Weight 0,64 kg Production Period 1966-1968
Caliber 4,5 mm

Rear Sight Side View
Rear Sight Top View
Front Sight
Trigger and Trigger Guard

Interesting CO2 repeater with magazine for 7 round lead balls No.11 (4.5mm). Body is made from dural. Smooth barrel bore. It is determined for practice shooting for distance of 5 metres in accordance with reccomendation of manufacturer. Magazine is pulled out on the picture Trigger and Trigger Guard.  Good quality of all parts, as is usual with products of Ceska Zbrojovka.