Slavia 620
Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 1 090 mm
Manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod
Barrel Lenght 485 mm Type piston with break barrel
Sight Radius 460 mm Manufactured Pieces not available
Weight 2,65 kg Production Period 195x-197x
Caliber 4,5 mm

Rear Sight Side View
Rear Sight Top View
Front Sight
Trigger and Trigger Guard

Airguns Slavia 620 have been manufactured over 16 years. Producion line 620 differs only in some details from its predecessor, Slavia 603 . Different is barrel, piston and connection screw. There is a variant from 1969 year, barrel is narrowed behind the front sight, conneciont screw has 2 side grooves for securing screw, this variant had piston with leather sea originally.