Baikal MP-654K
Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 165 mm Manufacturer Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod
Barrel Lenght 96 mm Type CO2
Sight Radius 130 mm Manufactured Pieces not available
Weight 0,8 kg including gas capsule Production Period 200x - till today
Caliber 4,5 mm

Rear Sight Side View
Rear Sight Top View
Front Sight
Trigger and Trigger Guard

 CO2 repeater for steel balls 4,5 mm. The pattern for this repeater is Makarov (PM), majority of parts is similar to original model. All parts are made from steel, you will find no substitions from zinc-alloy or plastics (except of grip). Purchase price is higher for this reason. Handling is similar as original Makarov (PM), shooting is possible in SA mode (with the hammer precocked by finger or by slide) and DA mode (longer and harder trigger). Magazine is for 13 4,5mm BB's, as filling sre used 12g CO2 gas capsules. Five full cartidges can be fired with one gas capsule, this is approximately 65 shoots. Muzzle energy is relatively low, in accordance with manufacturer manual 3 Joule, muzzle velocity is 110 m/s.