Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 425 mm Manufacturer Svazarm Aeron Brno company
Barrel Lenght 270 mm Type CO2
Sight Radius 370 mm Manufactured Pieces not available
Weight 1,25 kg Production Period not available
Caliber 4,5 mm

Rear Sight Side View
Rear Sight Top View
Front Sight
Trigger and Trigger Guard

Single shot CO2 pistol designed for training and competition target shooting. Designer of this pistol is Mr.Vladimír Uhrinčať (TAU = Terčová (target) Aeron Uhrinčať).  Airgun has been manufactured in the seventieth of 20th century. There were no pistols designed for 10m target shooting on the market at that time (except of TEX086, but it is not suitable for accurate target shooting). TAU5 has been manufactured in former Svazarm (Czech association for cooperation with army) Aeron Brno company and was not available in common shops. As fillings are used 7g CO2 sparklets (it is possible to fill up from reservoir or cartridge using filling valve). Walnut anatomical grip is without adjustable palm rest. Because of fact that design of grip is not comfortable for everyone grips have been often modified. Rear sighs are vertically and horizontally adjustable, shot group is shifted by about 3.5mm by turning the screw by about one click, fronts sight are interchangeable. Trigger is adjustable too, you can adjust trigger pull lenght by the front bolt and trigger pull weight by the rear bolt. To load the pistol lift off the shutter up, insert diabolo into the barrel and slightly pushing close the shutter until latch clicks. Push the front cocking lever towards to the trigger to cock the hammer and pistol is ready to fire. Muzzle velocity is adjustable, recommended velocity is 125-135 m/s. The muzzle velocity can be changed by adjuster bolt which is located bellow the fore-wood. Capacity of one 7g CO2 sparklet is sufficient  for approximately 60 shots.