Dear friends of airguns, here you can find a gallery of airguns, most of them czech production. For the beginning translation of word "vzduchovka" means airgun. First version of these pages in Czech language started up in January 2008. I have ended traslation of whole gallery into English language in December 2009. If you will find some inaccuracy or incorrect technical expression, please write to me and I will repair it as soon as possible. You can find some additional information in section Airguns in detail, but only in Czech language regrettably. There are full list and photos of spare parts for military trainer CZ Vz47 and detailed photos of military trainers Cz Vz35.

You can write to me, email you can find bellow. I will be very glad, if you will send me manuals, drawings or catalogues concerning listed airguns in other language, it is really very difficult for me to get any old documentation.

You can copy, use and distribute pages and pictures, but only for noncommercial purpose, not for own profit.

Pages are under development all the time, so be please patient, some errors can occur.